Vice President

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Position Holder: Vitor Rocha

The Vice President assists the President in the running of the club. This includes acting as President when the President is absent, taking over Presidential duties that the President needs to delegate and stepping into the role of President in the unlikely event of the President resigning.

The Vice President position can be structured and developed depending on the individual, their working relationship with the President, and the needs and interests of the Club and its members.

A good line of communication with the President and full knowledge of Club activities is a must to ensure that any assistance is constructive. The Vice-President must assist and support the President in supervising the running of the Club.

The Vice President role is an excellent position for someone serious about nominating for President in the following year.


  • Serve as the primary point of support for the Club President
  • Work with the President to act as a primary contact for the Board of Directors
  • Work with our sponsoring Rotary Clubs to ensure good relationships, as well as open and regular communication
  • Work with the President to ensure that either the President, Vice-President or an appropriate representive represents the Club at all Club events
  • Perform general tasks to ensure that the Club operates effectively, such as securing meeting locations, managing administrative workflows and encouraging the adoption of best-practices within the club