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Position Holder: Deen Rad

The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club.

This includes performing bank transactions, re-imbursements and the club paypal account – and also preparing financial reports on the club’s activities.

In addition to safe-guarding the club’s day to day finances, the treasurer is to assist members with the planning activities of the club by assisting with budgets; and after events, helping prepare profit-and-loss reports and reconciling them after the event.

The Treasurer also arranges for the club’s finances to be audited after year end, and works with the President and Secretary in the compliance and record-keeping of the club.


  • Primary approval for all project and event funding
  • Responsible for the management, reporting and supervision of all payments and transactions utilising the Club’s Paypal Account, bank transfers to the Club’s Bank Account, the Club’s Kiva account, and funds stemming from Project or Event funding
  • Management of the community and administration accounts
  • Reimbursement of expenses of members for events and project-related purchases
  • Establishment of a budget for the year
  • Tracking and reporting of all payments
  • Ensuring the auditing of all accounts, in accordance with relevant regulatory and legal requirements
  • Maintenance of transparency and provision of regular financial updates to the board