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Position Holder: Drew Sturgiss

The Secretary helps with the smooth running of the club. They maintain club records, correspondence and is the club’s main source of communication.

Responsibilities of the Secretary include ensuring agendas and minutes are drafted for both Club and Board meetings and that the club newsletter is sent out to members. The Secretary is also for sending out other important communications to members, collecting all correspondence and ensuring letters are responded to, and that other mail is passed on to the relevant Director/member. The Secretary also checks the club’s generic email account and forwards emails to the relevant Directors.

Aside from these direct responsibilities, The Secretary assists the President in ensuring the Board is functioning well and achieving the goals of the club. The Secretary works with all Directors and helps/gets help where necessary.

The Secretary works with the Membership Director and President in arranging inductions at meetings and ensuring the club membership database is up to date.

The Secretary role is good for people who are very organised and work well with lots of different people. The Secretary should be driven, timely, proactive and have a high attention to detail.


  • Maintain club records and correspondence.
  • Ensuring accurate recording of minutes for Club and Board meetings.
  • Ensuring all Board Members submit agenda items prior to the meeting
  • Serve as correspondent with members and conduit for messages to relevant board members.
  • Ensure club newsletter is distributed
  • Act as the primary point of contact between the Club and the outside world
  • Establish club policies and procedures in conjunction with the appropriate board members/committees where appropriate, in order to ensure that expectations are clear and outcomes are achieved.