Membership Director

Position Holder: Vittoria Ercules

Email Address:

The Membership Director is responsible for advocating and promoting both membership engagement and membership growth. The Membership Director works with the board to get members on to various sub-committees – dependent on each member’s interests and the needs of the club.

The Membership Director is also responsible for implementing the club’s growth strategy and helping growing the membership base of the club. This involves working with the President, Marketing Director and Secretary in getting the club promoted in the media, social media and in various other mediums such as within companies.

The Membership Director takes a register of prospective members at events and meetings, and once they have met induction criteria them before they are inducted into the club. Induction is planned with Secretary and President.


  • Work to convert prospective members into Club Members, and to retain existing Club Members
  • Design and implement a membership plan for the Club
  • Work with other Directors to organise events which can attract new members
  • Mark and record attendance and meetings and events
  • Maintain the Club membership database
  • Induct new members at meetings
  • Manage and collect membership dues
  • Provide material for prospective members at each meeting, designed to help them understand what the Club is, and why they should get involved