Marketing Director

Position Holder: Gabriele Rutkauskaite

Email Address:

The Marketing portfolio is been critical in enhancing and developing the brand and working with the other portfolios to achieve the organisations goals.

This director is responsible for developing and implementing the annual marketing plan that facilitates and supports the organisations objectives. The director also liases with the other portfolios and project managers to develop marketing material, enhance marketing opportunities and promote the organisation.


  • Form and manage a marketing sub-committee
  • Utilise PR opportunities to promote the club
  • Enhance and manage the use of social media, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and build on the established brand.
  • Assist all other board members in ensuring that details regarding their events and projects are clearly articulated and readily available
  • Work with the board to identify branding opportunities for the clubs, such as in the development of merchandise, slogans and marketing campaigns
  • Supervise the release of a weekly Club Newsletter, summarising all upcoming events and recent news