International Service Director

Position Holder: Vitor Rocha

Email Address:

The International Service Director is responsible for enhancing members knowledge, understanding and appreciation of worldwide needs, problems and opportunities, as well as cultural differences. The International Service Director is also responsible for developing activities to promote international understanding and goodwill.

Responsibilties in this portfolio include maintaining the club’s relationship with it’s sister clubs overseas, maintaining and growing the club’s micro-finance fund, organising events that promote international understanding and other cultures, promoting events for members to attend, including Rotaract conferences overseas.

Typically, the club should do one major event each year that qualifies as an International Service Project. This can include organising for members to volunteer overseas, go on a RAWCS project, visit a sister club overseas, conduct a fundraiser for a Rotary or other international cause or any other event that you consider meets the criteria.


  • Develop and present a plan for the year ahead about how the Club can effectively participate in International Service, and effectively execute against this plan
  • Creation of an International Service committee which will assist the International Service Director in the execution of the above plan, and the day-to-day requirements in the running of the role
  • Coordination with members to identify and contribute to worth-while international causes throughout the year
  • Work to educate and inspire all members of the Club in how they contribute to International Service, and the impact that their actions can have in affecting the Club’s mission, and making the world a better, safer place