Community Director

Position Holder: April Wandel

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The Community Service Director(s) fulfil one of the most important roles in the Rotaract club: designing and coordinating events and opportunities for club members to support the community and contribute to a better society. This is key portfolio in the club and may be shared by more than one director.

The Community Services Director liaises with the Board, members of the club and the wider local and international community (including Rotary and Rotaract clubs) in identifying areas of need and projects that the club can get involved with.


  • Develop and present a plan for the year ahead about how the Club can effectively participate in community service, both in the local and international community, and effectively execute against this plan
  • Creation of a Community Service Committee which will assist the Community Service Directors in the execution of the above plan, and the day-to-day requirements in the running of the role
  • Coordination with members to identify and contribute to worth-while local and international causes throughout the year
  • Coordination with members to lead smaller projects during the year.
  • Act as an encouragement for every member to contribute in a hands-on, practical way to community service through the Club
  • Work to educate and inspire all members of the Club in how they contribute to international service, and the impact that their actions can have in affecting the Club’s mission, and making the world a better, safer place