Like all organisations, the Sydney City Rotaract Club relies on strong leadership to guide its operations, safeguard its future and empower its members. In applying to become a board member, a club member is stepping forward to take a greater role in the Club, and to become more accountable in their participation.

Board members are able to take a larger role in steering exciting projects and organising important events. In order to serve effectively as board member, it’s important to understand the role and responsibilities inherent to all board positions.

To find out more about a board role, please feel free to contact the current holder of any position, as per their contact details below


Kangan Dara
Vitor Rocha
Deen Rad
Drew Sturgiss
Past President & Special Projects
Andrew Long
Community Director
April Wandel
Membership Engagement
Abdullah Siddiqui
Membership Engagement
Priyanka Hastak Shah
Membership Director
Maria Vittoria Ercules
General Director
Gabriele Rutkauskaite