Goal Setting Challenge

"A goal is a dream with a deadline"

Our Goal Setting Challenge is a forum which demonstrates our capacity to set and then act on our goals, no matter how big or small. The group also provides the support and encouragement required for achieving these goals.

Goals are an important part of professional development, but many of us may be unable to clearly define what it is we are working towards.

A private Facebook event is set up with a deadline 4 - 5 weeks out, where members have the option to post their goal on the wall. By posting your comment on the wall, you are being held accountable to this goal by all the members of the group. When the deadline passes, we will review and celebrate those who has achieved their goal.

People are far more motivated to achieve their goals when there is a deadline and when there are stakes, but most importantly, you must be willing to achieve your goal. Don't feel pressured to post a goal if you join our group, just know that by posting a goal you are willing to be held accountable to achieving it.

Please contact the Professional Development Director if you are interested in joining our Goal Setting Challenge!