RAWCS Donations in Kind (DIK)


Donations in Kind (DIK) is a program supported by Rotary Clubs in Australia which grew out of the compassion and concern of returning overseas volunteers. This recycling and reuse program involves the collection, sorting, packing, dispatch and distribution of donated items to countries in need of these goods.

Many goods and products, for which organisations in Australia have no further use, are valuable commodities in needy countries. While 50 computers with non-flat screen monitors and less than 1 gigabyte of memory may be obsolete for some corporate offices, they might instead be of significant value in helping the education of underpriveleged students in East Timorese universities or in assisting with the accountancy of microfinance finance projects in Africa.

Once or twice a quarter Sydney City Rotaract members join other Rotaractor's from all over Sydney to help sort and pack vital equipment to be sent to a worthwhile project. If you want to get involved email [email protected]