Acumen course: Social Entrepreneurship 101. Growing awareness, educating and inspiring young minds!

In October 2015, Sydney City Rotaract formed a group of 6 people who engaged in a  4 week course to learn about Social Entrepreneurship. This was a free course by Acumen (a global non-profit that raises charitable donations to invest in companies, leaders, and ideas that are changing the way the world tackles poverty).

It was a great way of learning together, sharing ideas and knowledge. The course featured stories and advice from 4 inspiring founders: Charles Best of, Thulsiraj Ravilla of Aravind Eyecare, Leila Janah of Sama Group, and JB Schramm of College Summit. By the end of the course, we learnt how to apply entrepreneurial skills to social problems and design lasting solutions.

Our club will continue to look out for more courses and ways to drive awareness and education of topics related to the international pillar!