January 13th, 2014 - New Year! Part 2 The Redux: This time it's personal


It is I, your humble Newsletter Editor, back to bring you all the Rotaract goss for 2015!

I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday period! I spent mine on the top of a volcano in the middle of the Gobi Desert, communing with the Great Editing Gurus on how to find oneness with the Newsletter Universe!

December 2nd, 2014: A Clean-Cut Upper Lip Emerges

Good evening,

and so ends another Movember! Rotaractors from accross the country worked together again this year, raising $6,422 dollars for mens health! Well done everyone, that is some great results for some society at the expense of some truly terrible moustaches! Good work team!

Also, it looks like no one has told the club that the year is wrapping up, as we're just as busy as ever! Details about are upcoming events are below, we hope to see you at as many as possible!

Upcoming Events

Rotaract District 9675 Christmas Party - 6/12/2014

November 18th, 2014: My moustache brings all the cricketers to the yard!


It is I, your Signal Editor, here to bring you the latest Rotaract News!

It has been a busy week! Our Movember efforts are going strong, with over 2400 dollars donated so far. Awesome job peeps! Even better, there are a sufficient number of handle bars floating around to permanently confuse the English cricket team's efforts to assasinate Mitchell Johnson!

October 21st, 2014: Seriously. Where has 2014 gone?

Good evening,

as many astute readers noticed last week, the World Beard Championships actually starts this weekend, so Chris is still away. Right now, he's still at the "primary school student" level of facial hair, but we're all confident that he'll hit his stride soon. For the reader, this means that you get another dose of Drew. Everybody wins!


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