30th of June, 2015 - Changing Of The Guard

Good evening,

We've had a couple of extremely slow news weeks, but are back in business now with some exciting events coming up!

As you are probably aware, changeover is fast approaching. There have been a number of celebrations held, but they're saving the best for last. Join us at Sydney City Rotaract's Changeover Celebration, and see the Rotaract year out in style with some awesome people! 

9th of June, 2015 - Bye, Tea

Good evening,

For those that could make it, I hope you all had a great time at High Tea over the weekend! Held at the historic and picturesque Balmain Rowing club the event was well attended and met its fundraising goals, netting over $800 profit. We’d like to thank the Rowing Club for generously donating the venue free of charge and to Mezzapica Cakes for their generous in-kind donations. 

As the token events organizer, I’d also like to thank Liam James, Anna Hoyles, Rebecca Weragoda, Drew Sturgiss, and Gus McBride for all your help with the event. 

2nd of June, 2015 - Raise your Pinkies for the Queen

Good evening, 

This is the Queen here - I just wanted to say what a splendid job Sydney City Rotaract are doing! I'm particularly chuffed that they want to share in celebrating my birthday with a delicious high tea on Monday - I couldn't think of a better way to relax and kick my feet up. By the way, isn't Princess Charlotte adorable? I'm so proud!

I'd encourage you all to attend this event on the 8th to raise money for Barnardos. 

26th of May, 2015 - The Road to ARC

Good evening,

A huge thankyou to everyone who helped out at the Stepping Stone House working bee on the weekend. As you can see in the photo gallery of the event, these are always great days for the club, and provide important support for the kids. Looking back at all the working bees we've had throughout the club's history, I think we can all be very proud of the work we've accomplished, and very glad that places like Stepping Stone House exist.

19th of May, 2015 - In a Mirror, Darkly

Good evening,

What a weekend! The incoming board for Sydney City Rotaract, along with most incoming boards for the other Rotaract Clubs in the region attended the President Elect/Board Elect Training Seminars.

This was a fun weekend, wherein specialised Rotaract training for almost every position in club boards was provided. There, we got to mingle with our counterparts in other districts, discuss and debate the best way of doing things, and learn what our neighbouring clubs are up to.

12th of May, 2015 - Drew's Titles are Weird.

Hi everyone,

After defeating Drew in single combat inside a Volcano, I (Teneal) have now taken over the newsletter.

For those keeping score at home, this is the third time he's been defeated inside a volcano for the title of the newsletter, and his tenth time overall (he gets into a lot of disagreements. He's funny like that).

As such, it is now my sworn duty to bring you the latest in news and events in the Rotaract World. Please let me know what you think, and I'm keen to take on any feedback and suggestions.

28th of April, 2015 - Lest We Forget

Good evening,

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who helped out at the ANZAC Day Barbeques. This was a huge event, with numbers even larger than what's normally seen on the March. Helping out on days like this are big part of why many of us got into Rotaract, so thank you for helping us thank our veterans.

7th of March, 2015 - The Planet of Peril

Good evening,

I use that phrase a lot - "good evening". And that's mostly true, our evenings are, for the most part, good. That's the bar we have set for most of our evenings, and that's what we consistently try to meet. That's certainly reasonable, albeit a little limiting.

This Saturday however, there's a prospect for something a little more exciting, The Fluoro Bus Party! Imagine a live DJ at the back of the bus, 2 free drinks handed to you on your way in, fun party-bus transfer between 2 bars, and a crowd wearing fluoro outfits. How good it that!

31st of March, 2015 - All Aboard for the Fluoro Bus Party for Barnardos

Good evening,

Do you take the bus every day? Good on you! But we can guarantee you that you have never taken a bus like this one before...

Imagine a live DJ at the back of the bus, 2 free drinks handed to you on your way in, fun party-bus transfer between 2 bars, and a crowd wearing fluoro outfits. How good it that!

And the best thing is that all profits made will go towards a charity that supports kids in need (Barnardos).

24th of March, 2015 - Life wasn't meant to be easy

Good evening,

A very big "thank you" to everyone who came along to Burwood Rotaract's Bowling Night on Sunday evening! This was a great chance to hang out with another club, and gave us a good opportunity to engage in some friendly competition. From my view, there was a good showing by everyone, but the true star of the night was Burwood Rotaract's Kieran Gilkes, who opened his second game with four consecutive strikes, and finished up with a score north of 160.

17th of March, 2015 - Many Physicists Disagree

Good evening,

This is normally when I speak about something interesting the Club has done recently, but I have my own news this week. If you read my blog, you'd know that at work, I have one of those fancy adjustable desks - I can sit or stand at it, there's a control on the corner that allows me to adjust the height. Lots of important people have them.

24th of February, 2014 - The Weekend That Was

Good evening,

And I think I speak for everyone that attended when I say that the 2015 Sydney City Rotaract Weekend Away was the greatest event ever, in the history of humanity, with absolutely zero exceptions! We did everything, from massive tournaments of card games, to spending a day at Jamberoo Recreation Park, to two (count 'em: two!) barbecues, all capped off with spending a morning on the beach. 

17th of February, 2015 - Saga of a Star World

Good evening,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Whether is was spent taking a special someone out for a nice dinner, sending a nice gift to a loved one, or just spent relaxing solo-style, Valentine's Day is one of the nicest days of the year. I always tend to think back to my days working in a Newsagency on Valentine's Day, wherein Valentine's Day is pretty much the busiest day of the year (second only to Mothers Day). There is little that can compare to the sudden deluge of customers pouring into their local newsagencies on Valentine's Day morning, hoping to find the perfect card and return home before their loved ones wake up. Pro Tip: If you ever find yourself in this situation, just say you were looking for some "special ingredients" for a breakfast in bed. Works every time.


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