Newsletter for 28/07/15


Ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club. Then immedately go buy a ticket to the changeover. That's what you can do for your club. 

Yes you should cat, yes you should.
Also, Marketing Gold Stars to anyone who shares the event on Facebook. Super extra Gold Star points for anyone who tags the club and posts their #RotaractMoment for the year. NB: Marketing Gold Star points can be collected and cashed in for beers. 

Upcoming Events:

Community Committee Meeting - 30/07/2015

The new Rotary year has begun, and so the courageous Community Committee must meet to discuss the years Upcoming Events, new service opportunities and...

Well I ran out of ideas after that, hence why I'm calling on an intrepid group of community minded peeps to join me at York 75 and come up with some!

It promises to be a productive and enjoyable night of good food, good people and... there I go...

Click here to for more information, and to get involved

SCR's Changeover Celebration! - 31/07/2015

It's Sydney City Rotaract's Premier Night! Come and celebrate the success of our club over the past year and welcome in our new board!

We are hosting a Cocktail Function rather than a sit-down meal to encourage interaction between Rotaractors, Rotarians and special guests.

We'd like to see as many family members, external guests and representatives...

Click here for more information, and to get involved

First Friday @ Five - 07/08/2015

On the first Friday of each month, come and join the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove for drinks!

No formalities, no agenda. Just getting to know each other and providing an environment from where new friendships and ideas may develop. Just drop in and have a chat or stay for a meal.

Add your details on the event page if you're keen to come. 

Click here for more information, and to get involved. 

Final Thoughts:

Tekcit ruoy yub

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Well, that's it from me. Don't forget that our next meeting is on Wednesday, the 5th of August, at the Tresscox Lawyers Offices, starting at 6.30PM. For more information, including a map and a full agenda, please visit:

Editor in Chief,
Aidan Simmons