Membership Products

Club T-Shirt


Being a member of the Sydney City Rotaract Club gives you a lot of opportunities to work in the community, be it at working bees, volunteering at larger events, or representing the club at a conference.

To help show who we are and what we represent (as well as help us find each other at busy conferences!), all members are given a Sydney City Rotaract t-shirt as part of their induction.

Name Badges


 The Sydney City Rotaract Club is a large club, that is constantly inducting new members.

In order to make the club more friendly and open, we do ask that all of our members wear their name badges at all club meetings.

Rotaract Pin


The Rotaract pin is a great way to promote the club in your working environment, while still looking professional.

Rotaract Pins are provided to all club members upon induction, but if you require a replacement badge, or would simply like a spare, please purchase one using the form below.